INTRADA Festival, Timisoara Banat Philharmonic – 3nd edition

The Symphonic Orchestra of Arad Philharmonic is invited to open the third edition of the New Music International Festival, Intrada 2016, a representative event for the Romanian cultural landscape, a successful partnership between The Banat Philharmonic of Timisoara and The Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania.

The concert will take place on Friday evening, 28 October 2016, at 19:00, in the Capitol Hall in Timisoara, the symphonic programme being associated with contemporary artistic experiences.

Following the main theme of this year, FROM and TO LIFE, the scores coagulate experiences and pursuits, defined languages, intended to inform the modern listener and introduce him in the present sound of the consecrated.

With the support of a classical orchestral ensemble a tableau comes into being with multiple autographs: Sebastian Androne, Xiaoyong Chen, Maia Ciobanu, Jeannot Heinen, Michael Huber.

The guest conductor of the event is Austrian Karlheinz Siessl, and the soloists, clarinet player Cristian Miclea and pianist Michael Schöch.

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