Arad Philharmonic puts forth musical programmes through which children and students of all ages can explore the world of music in its full beauty.

We strongly believe in the positive influence of classical music on the public of all ages. We believe in the power of music to transform and inspire, overcoming the boundaries of a simple, pleasurable activity. Evenmore, we believe that quality music is part of a lifestyle which allows one to maintain spontaneity and the joy of new experiences.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to propose programmes, shows and events dedicated to the little and “the wise” alike, programmes which do not require previous musical knowledge.

Music is an essential part of an education which encourages curiosity, creativity, discovery. The best musical background bolsters creativity, concentration, memory and ultimately creates a state of psychical wellness, whereas the experience of a live concert enhances the benefits of music, amplifying its effects.

We therefore encourage, through the programmes of the Philharmonic, the constant presence of music in children’s lives and offer both parents and teachers the perfect setting for the small ones to acknowledge and feel the positive energy of music.

  • Concerte pentru familie


    Through Holiday musical programmes (for Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day, etc.) and special events throughout the year, Arad Philharmonic offers families and children the opportunity to experience music in a memorable way.

    The repertory for these concerts is selected in order to captivate the public of various ages, who will find both the pleasure of leisure and the introduction to the famous works of classical composers in these musical encounters.

  • Concerte Educative Scoli

    Educational concerts

    In collaboration with schools and high schools of Arad, the Philharmonic periodically organises educational concerts for students, helping them accustom to the musical works and notions explored during music classes.

    The concerts for students are important not solely for their formal musical education, but also (and especially) for their inherent contact with the artistic world, which can trigger an artistic sense which will later be explored, during school and afterwards.

  • Tineri Muzicieni

    We support
    young artists

    In order to pursue their vocation and musical talent, young artists need more than the opportunity to learn from proven virtuosos – they need a more extensive context for practicing their skills and perfecting their technique.

    Arad Philharmonic organises, throughout the year, workshops, shows and competitions in collaboration with or dedicated to young artists and students from artistic institutions, thus sustaining their involvement in complex musical projects.

More information

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