180 years of music

From the founding of the first Conservatory to the present activity of the Philharmonic, we recall every defining moment in the rich musical history of Arad.


The founding of Arad Conservatory

The first Conservatory in Romania and the 6th in Europe was founded in Arad. The activity and prestige of the educational institution proves that music played a pivotal part in the cultural life of Arad, at the beginning of the XIXth century.

8th October 1846 Franz Liszt Arad

Liszt Concerts

Franz Liszt performs in Arad, in the festivity hall of “White Cross” Hotel (“Ardealul”). Arad is the 3rd Romanian city which ceremoniously welcomed the musical master on his final tour.

1847 Johann Strauss la Arad

Johann Strauss in Arad

Only one year after Franz Liszt’s concerts, Johann Strauss (the second) also graced the festive hall of Arad “White Cross” Hotel.

1879 Brahms si Joachim la Arad

Brahms & Joachim concerts

Johannes Brahms and Josef Joachim perform in Arad. Among the great musicians gracing the stages of Arad over time, we recall Béla Bartók, Traian Grozăvescu, Richard Strauss, Zoltan Kodaly and George Enescu.


The founding of Arad Philharmonic Society

Arad Philharmonic Society is founded - an institution with ambitious musical programmes involving symphonic and choral concerts. It was a milestone in the cultural life of the city.


The building of the Cultural Palace of Arad

The final stages in the construction of the Cultural Palace of Arad, the current headquarters of Arad Philharmonic. The grandiose building was projected by local architect Ludovic Szántay.

24th October 1913 Inaugurarea Palatului Cultural

The opening concert for the Cultural Palace

The festive inauguration of the Cultural Palace took place in the main hall of the building. The symphonic concert included works by Schubert, Goldmarck, Bizet and Beethoven.

6th November 1931 Enescu - Cetățean de Onoare al Aradului

Enescu - Honourable Citizen of Arad

George Enescu was awarded the title of Honourable Citizen of Arad, during a festivity at the Cultural Palace. The great musical master was beloved by the local public, which welcomed his performances several times, in the years of 1922, 1931 and 1943.


The beginning of Arad Philharmonic

The Philharmonic of Arad is founded. Shortly after, the Symphonic Orchestra is joined by an Academical Choir and a folkloric music band. Since 1948, the Philharmonic program has been structured in seasons, each comprising 10 months.


The presence of Arad Philharmonic abroad

The first concerts of Arad Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir abroad. Until today, the Philharmonic has performed in countries such as Holland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Austria, The US.