Carmina Burana - deschiderea stagiunii 2016

A Latin Codex of songs from the 13th century, discovered in a monastery from the Bavarian Alps in 1803, inspired Carl Orff in his most exuberant and strong stage cantata in the universal music. Dark or shining, unsettling or tender, selected in a number of 24 and captured in the Latin, German and French of the Middle Ages, the songs of Carmina Burana illustrate the spiritual unity of Europe, as well as the eternal character of human feelings.

The most beloved laic work of the 20th century, that which, once launched on the stage of the Frankfurt Opera in 1937, has conquered the show and concert stages in the entire world, opens, on 1 October 2016 (the International Music Day), the 2016-2017 musical season, in an unconventional location, transformed in an innovative, welcoming audition space: Astra Wagons Travellers, The Tram Factory on Victoria Avenue, no. 33-35.

Saturday evening is dedicated to everyone who loves classical music, novelty and spontaneity – an event brought to life by the coral assembly accompanied by the symphonic orchestra and by conductor Cristian Neagu, but also by a distribution which completes the poster of the popular 20th century creation – soprano Camelia Clavac, tenor Stefan von Korch and baritone Adrian Mărcan.

Prepared by Robert Daniel Rădoiaş, the choir master that endorses the appearances and achievements of the mixed ensemble in recent years, the chorus numbers representing the center of gravity of Carmina, evoke the variety with which Carl Orff – the famous rhythmician of the 20th century – manipulates the voice, enhancing the extraordinary effects of songs on medieval texts. Numbers that glorify spring and love, ironies and drinking songs are associated in a triptych with universal destiny, that never ceases to impress through the unity of movement, of language, of magical ideas…