The Very First Audition


Conductor: Sabin Păutza

Choir conductor: Robert Daniel Rădoiaș


The event will take place without public and will be broadcast on the TVARAD channel.

Sabin Păutza conducted for the first time in Arad, on December 1, 2018, Te Deum, a symphonic vocal work that he dedicated to the Philharmonic, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Great Union.

He now signs a new opus of consistency, a Missa pro defunctis, conceived in the secular tradition of concert funeral scores, which he calls Baroque Requiem. It therefore remains in the register of sacred music, entrusting us with its premiere.

About the Baroque Requiem and the sacred music of this time, about the newest of his scores, the one who remains close to us, the master Sabin Păutza, speaks to us.


Religious music has played an important role in my creation for over 55 years, although most works of this genre were created in the second half of this period, knowing that this genre of music was not encouraged at all until the years ’90. For the most part, these creations, intended for solo voices with accompaniment or complex vocal ensembles, a cappella or with accompaniment, were based on texts in Latin and only in isolated cases were based on texts in English or Romanian. This Requiem represents my most recent work of religious inspiration and as its name suggests it is stylistically inscribed in an area belonging to the Baroque model, which may seem strange and somewhat difficult to explain, after my early creations were rigorously dodecaphonic or even stochastic.

The 12 sections of this Requiem use the Latin text, as we find it in most classical creators: 1. Introitus, 2. Offertory, 3. Sanctus, 4. Agnus Dei, 5. Interludium I, 6. Libera Me, 7. Rex Tremendae , 8. Lacrimosa, 9. Recordare, 10. Interludium II, 11. Dies Irae, 12. In Paradisum. The only new elements are the two instrumental interludes that we considered necessary, for the diversity of expression, in dialogue with the choral sections, as they turn out to be the few moments entrusted to the soloists. This Requiem, which is now being performed in the first absolute audition, was intended from the beginning to be a work of maximum accessibility, which is naturally part of the series of my works in recent years, intended for a wide audience and can be considered a modest homage to the great classics of the baroque, which, it seems, we value more and more.

Sabin Păutza


The baroque requiem is the score that we also give, further on, during Holy Week, to those who will watch and listen to us…

The event will take place without public and will be broadcast on TVARAD channel, Thursday, April 29, 2021, at 19.00.


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