Symphonic vocal concert with organ

Conductor: Hermann Szabolcs

On the organ: Levente Kuzma

Choir conductor: Robert Daniel Rădoiaș

Soloists: Sorina Silvia Munteanu, Cristian Ioan Ardelean


Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (Actus tragicus) BWV 106;

Josef Rheinberger – Concerto for organ and orchestra;

Henri Mulet – Exit Carillon;


Conductor Hermann Szabolcs and organist Levente Kuzma return to Arad this fall, with a program that focuses on the organ and contains two first auditions of German baroque and romantic literature.

Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (Actus tragicus) BWV 106 is one of the early cantatas signed by Johann Sebastian Bach, a score from the first decade of the eighteenth century, a funeral music written on texts from the Old and New Testaments and in which, on an instrumental support in which the main voice remains the organ, solo and choral numbers are distributed alternately. The academic choir conducted by Robert Daniel Rădoiaș returns in this mid-November concert, in this baroque exercise, together with the lyrical soloists Sorina Silvia Munteanu and Cristian Ioan Ardelean.

The discipline of the Bachian counterpoint is easy to recognize, but also in the second premiere, a reference for connoisseurs, Concerto No. 2 for organ by Josef Rheinberger, a contemporary composer with Johannes Brahms, extremely attached to the sound structures of the past.

Levente Kuzma is the main voice of the evening of November 18, 2021, which ends with a rerun score, a mini-masterpiece of French music, Carillon Sortie by Henri Mulet.

We are waiting for you, therefore, at 19.00, at our traditional Thursday concert, an evening with music by Bach, Rheinberger and Mulet!


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