The opening of the exhibition “Organ from Banat and its builders

European context presented in images ”- 6.30 pm

The exhibition will be organized in the lobby of the Cultural Palace and can be visited between 14 and 22 October 2021

Organ concert – 19.00

Conductor: Cristian Neagu

Soloist: Franz Metz Germany

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):

Fantasia (Pièce d’Orgue) in G major (BWV 572)

Passacaglia in C minor (BWV 582)

Partita „Sei gegrüßet Jesu gütig” (BWV 768)

Toccata and Fugue in D minor (BWV 565)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788):

Concerto for organ and orchestra in E flat major

(Moderate cheerful, Sustained adage, Cheerful)


The opening of the exhibition “Banat Organ and its builders – European context presented in images” together with the Organ Concert given by Franz Metz represent the events organized by the Philharmonic on Thursday evening, October 14, 2021, in the Cultural Palace.

From 6.30 pm, with the opening of the exhibition designed by the well-known German organist, those who love organ music, but also the history of precious instruments from the treasure of the cultural Banat can enjoy the reunion with the passionate organist and musicologist, this time in his double hypostasis, exhibition author and performer of an integral program with Bach music.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) and one of his sons, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788), represent Franz Metz’s repertoire option, to highlight a large family of musicians, as well as an important century painting. organically, which he highlights in the most efficient way, through several masterpieces of genre literature.

The musical program of Thursday evening starts at 19.00 and includes recital and concert scores, the orchestral accompaniment of the organ concert by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach being performed by the symphony orchestra and conductor Cristian Neagu.

The importance of the organs from Banat and in particular that of the builder Anton Dangl with his impressive instruments bequeathed to Arad is underlined in the message sent by Franz Metz to all those interested:

The name of the organ builder ANTON DANGL is closely related to Arad, where he was born and where he founded one of the most important workshops of this kind. His family came from Austria to Arad. His musical instruments still resonate today in Romania, Hungary, Serbia and most of them can still be found in churches and synagogues in Arad County. Its first organs were built in 1840 and the last in the early twentieth century. Even the great pianist Franz Liszt congratulated him on his first organ built for the Budapest Academy of Music.

The organic landscape of Banat is one of the most important in Europe and has been formed during the last 300 years. It overlaps especially with the history of the German community in Banat: the first organs were built during the colonization of historic Banat with Swabians, the last organ building workshop being abolished during the builder’s emigration to Germany (after 1970). The organs of Banat were built primarily to accompany religious song during the liturgy. They have resonated for over 300 years in German, Hungarian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech and Romanian communities in Banat and are found in Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Reformed churches and synagogues. They survived even the two world wars and last but not least the era of communism and atheism. Sufficient causes to worry about the history and fate of these historical organs in Banat.

The new organ in the Cultural Palace is a sign of gratitude for the organic activity in Arad, it makes a bridge between the 19th and 21st centuries. It is a very successful tool and built according to modern plans, but based on the tradition of organ construction from previous centuries. Anton Dangl’s organs in Arad County thus receive a new importance and deserve to be saved, protected and sung. The European organic landscape is thus revitalized here in Arad.

Franz Metz


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