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iPage Review

Ipage used to be a web service that supplies a hassle-free solution to those who need internet site design, website development, and also web hosting services. Ipage is now leaded by a new management and offers everything you need to begin a website. This web hosting provider has been in the industry since 1998 and manages over 1,500,000 websites. This company was inactive for years and was re launched on October 2009. As years pass by, it only gets better with the gained experience. What it offers to customers is nothing but a trustworthy hosting service with quality customer support. This web hosting company was founded by a highly experienced team of engineers, and it has grown to a large scale company which serves to over 1 million websites in more than 150 countries.
Hosting Plan
Ipage offers very advanced hosting plans and features, as well. Its hosting plan is a one plan that fits all. You will be provided with just about everything you require to start a website. By utilizing an ipage coupon, you can claim appropriate discount from the hosting provider. Other than web hosting, they also provide email hosting, domain registration, website management, e-commerce services, website scripting and web marketing. Ipage hosting stands up from others in terms of online security. They offer malware and spam scanning, business verification and an online security certificate as part of its hosting plans. When it comes to price, ipage surpasses all the other hosting providers by providing the hosting solution (Ipage Essential Plan) for $1.68 per month (Special Introductory Offer) which is cheapest in the market as of now. This affordable hosting plan comes with unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited add-on domain, free domain for life, free website designing tools and much more.
The reliability is also something that deserves attention. Since they are focussing more on the downtime prevention strategy, their customers can’t even notice the downtime occurrence. They have a crucial monitoring system that makes sure keeping websites up all the time and thus ipage tries to prevent anything in advance. In case, if any problems occur, they have a live, active backup server to replace the main server in order to save the customers’ websites. This shows that they are more than serious in providing top notch web hosting service. . iPage keep up their promise of 99.99% uptime guarantee which gives the pleasure to their customer, whereas most of the companies withhold such guarantee. iPage offers any time money-back guarantee to their customers who are perturbed with their service but most of their clients have been pleased with their service.
Control Panel
Ipage deploys a popular control panel called vDeck for the customers to manage their websites. vDeck is a flexible control panel that comes with great functions and ease of use features. It has been designed to focus a lot on the marketing aspects of the website management. With this control panel, the users will get special tools related to marketing like traffic tools that can improve SEO efforts. Moreover, vDeck is a solution for all business sites no matter whether it is big or small. By using its multi-tiered administrative interface, you can easily manage everything even the multiple domains.
Customer Support
Customer support is one of the significant factors that help in the enhancement of a business. In order to assist the customers during the development stages of a business, ipage offers exclusive customer support to answer the queries raised by the users. Many users cannot solve the technical issues they face while managing their business website due to lack of technical knowledge. Ipage comes with 24/7 customer support, and the support staff are ready to provide solutions to the queries of the customers. All you need to do is just make a phone call, or start a live chat session with their executive, or just send an email with your query to them. You can also get solutions to simple issues through a FAQ page, support console and a feedback and suggestions page.
Ipage has earned a fantastic reputation for affordable price, feature-rich hosting plan, top quality customer support, etc. As they further progress their green hosting initiatives they will set themselves apart from many other web hosting companies. Their secured network infrastructure is designed in such a way that their customers’ websites experience faster loading times and fewer interruptions. On the whole, they have an excellent reliability, and many webmasters are keeping an eye fixed on them.

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Wordpress Hosting

Obviously, there are many people looking for the best WordPress hosting provider to launch their dream website or blog. Initially, WordPress is dedicated for those who want to have online presence with their own personal blog or portfolio. It holds all the flexible options to customize the default or new unique themes using the interactive admin panel or Dashboard. Today it has been expanded with the contribution of many skilful technical persons from different countries and now it is also used for the ecommerce websites too. The technology used for the development of WordPress is PHP and MySQL. Most of the shared webhosting provider supports this technology and so you can easily find so many web hosts with good WordPress support. Wordpress hosting ensures a good standard of blogging as you will get free hosting variations and also self hosted variations. When you are using this type of blogging option, the functionality of your blog site will also increase manifold and you can also judge the efficient of your blogs, with the help of this hosting service. 

Find out the best web host that supports all the applications and tools developed for WordPress blogs to add more features and reduce risks in maintain large amount of blog contents. Some web hosting providers let you to have access on free WordPress themes for some duration and in addition, for those who are not interested in installing WordPress can design their own website using the site building tool. You can add as many sub domains if your website hosting provider allows and can also park domains depend on the usage. You can later install WordPress using the free automated one click installation wizard. There is nothing risk involved in installing script and you can also get live chat help from the wordpress hosting technical staff. Make sure about this feature particularly while purchasing hosting plan from a web host.